Strategic Leadership Programme

People can be your greatest asset but they can also be your worst frustration. They can make and save you immense amounts of time and money or they can cost you dearly. They can take away all your problems or they can create issues out of thin air.

For high growth, ambitious, fast moving companies getting your people strategy right can accelerate you to your goals. Getting it wrong can drag you backwards or derail you completely.

Roughly 75% of venture backed companies fail. Of those that succeed most founders say getting their people right was one of the key factors.

Our 12 month strategic leadership programme designed to help you develop a bullet proof people strategy. We'll be with you side by side for 12 months making sure you get it right.


Although it is tailored to each individual client the programme typically covers the following themes.

If you don't want a full 12 month programme you can choose whatever you need à la carte.

Developing Values

Most values are insipid and pointless.

These are some values from a company I came across today: Listen, Advise, Honesty, Integrity, Accuracy, Respect, Leadership

These are bad values and most values look something like this. If you have to remind your people to be honest and respectful you've got problems writing some values on your website won't solve.

We'll work with your leadership team to develop the values that will guide your organisation where you want to go. Or we'll audit the values you already have to see how suitable they are.

Implementing Values

Even when a company has decent values that doesn't mean people pay attention to them.

Here's some values, can you guess the company?

Communication, Respect, Integrity, Excellence

Did you guess Enron? Because those are the values that all those convicted fraudsters walked past in the lobby every morning.

We'll help you make sure that you have the right people and those people are doing the right things by injecting the values into all your people processes including, recruitment, onboarding, everyday management and annual reviews.

Developing Culture

Do you want a growth culture, an innovative culture, a fun culture, a focussed culture, a driven culture? There are infinite possibilities.

Great cultures attract great people, retain great people, make people more effective, and attract more and better quality customers and suppliers.

Your company culture is like a river. It doesn't matter if you're recruiting the right people if they are getting swept away in the current.

Culture is not about free food and ping-pong tables. Prisons have those and the culture isn't that great.

We're not here to tell you what kind of culture to develop. Just to make sure you get the one that works for you.

Bespoke 360° Assessment

What gets measured gets managed.

Once you've defined your values and culture we'll work with you to develop a bespoke 360 assessment designed around those values.

We'll work with you to develop a bespoke 360° Assessment based on your and implement it using our proprietary asessment software.

Executive Leadership Programme Cohort for your Leadership Team

Great cultures are developed by great leaders.

We'll run your leadership team through our highly effective hybrid leadership training and coaching programme.

The point of leadership is to create a great culture so that people do the right things even when you're not there.

Optionally we can run cohorts for your entire company at additional cost.

12 Month Non Executive Director of People

Our MD will act as your NED of People for a period of 12 months. She'll attend any board meetings required and be on hand for consultation when required.

Trusted by great companies. Big and small.

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