Laura Bouttell

Laura Bouttell

Say hello to Laura Bouttell, our Managing Director. Laura is serious about inspiring people and helping build better leaders and cultures for her clients.

As Managing Director of Quarterdeck Laura is serious about inspiring people and pulls from her wide range of experience in the worlds of Academia, Policing and Business to help people become better leaders and to create inspiring cultures for Quarterdeck's clients.

Laura has 3 degrees, 2 of which are from Oxford University. She is a published author and editor. She has worked on several Murder Incident Teams and featured in various TV shows and magazines. As a result of her time in the corporate world, the Police, her own business and her time at Oxford, Laura has seen the gritty side of life as well as the ivory towers and uses her experiences in these diverse fields to help clients thrive the competitive world of corporate leadership and culture. If you want a box-ticking ILM-accredited coach then Laura isn’t for you. Laura focuses on creating pragmatic behavioural change and what works for you as an individual, rather than following a predictable ‘coaching programme’ as most coaches would do. Laura’s focus will be on the practical daily behaviours that you need to carry out in order to be who you want or need to be, as well as to get where you want to go rather than theories and models of behaviour. If you really want to work on yourself then Laura is the coach for you.

Media and Speaking

Laura has a long history of media experience from being a regular contributor to Home and Lifestyle magazines and television programmes from her time as an Interior Designer.

As Managing Director at Quarterdeck she has regularly contributed to shows on BBC Radio Leeds and Harrogate's Stray FM. She has written articles for many business websites and trade magazines including Training Journal.

She has spoken at Academic Conferences at Oxford University, the Brand Yorkshire Conference and events for the Chartered Institute of Insurance among many others.

Not to mention that Laura is also one of our premier trainers, being responsible for delivering training and executive coaching to companies big and small and is on her feet in front of large groups of people at least once a week.

Laura Bouttell speaking at a Leadership Seminar Laura Bouttell speaking at a Leadership Workshop Laura Bouttell speaking at a Leadership Conference Panel Laura Bouttell speaking at a Business Conference Laura Bouttell speaking at a Leadership Training Course