Brian Coffman

Greetings (and howdy đź‘‹)!

I’m Brian, a Regional Director at Quarterdeck.

I never say “howdy”, but it’s a deliberate nod to my Texas roots, though Yorkshire is very much home these days. Born in Texas, grew up in the UK, back to Texas (a few years in Canada and Australia added for good measure) and then back to the UK. My life has seen frequent change and varying scenery, personally and professionally, and it gives me great pleasure to share this experience with my clients at Quarterdeck.

People are at the heart of everything I do and how I tick. Career wise, I enjoyed success as a leader in executive search businesses, managing high-performing teams of extremely bright, highly motivated recruiters. Of course, being in professional services meant I always kept a keen eye on clients, making the balance of internal and external relationships crucial.

I’ve also worked in Operations leadership, and earlier in my career, cut my teeth as an HR professional.


You need to enjoy building relationships with people if you’re going to thrive (survive?!) in these settings.

I believe the key to success in building relationships and leading people is great attitude. A great attitude is infectious, powerful, inspiring. Whatever your skills and knowledge level, choose great attitude and you’ll find yourself surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

Attitude is the core of what Quarterdeck is all about. I’d love to help you harness great attitude to improve your leadership qualities and build inspiring cultures.