Leadership Development Programme

Many junior leaders are thrown in at the deep end and expected to sink or swim. Compound your people advantage by getting leaders started early. Learn skills and techniques that will supercharge your lower level teams.

I wish I'd learned this stuff 20 years ago

There are 2 things we invariably hear on every course:

This is the best course I've ever done and I've done a lot of courses.


I wish I'd done this in my 20s.

Once people start getting the immediate results from coming on the course they start to think about how much they could have achieved had they been such an effective leader from the beginning of their career.

A Programme for Junior Leaders

Whether we're talking about Team Leaders, Supervisors, Junior Managers or any other type of junior leader we built this course for them. It's for those who have little or no existing experience in managing people.

We get them started on the right foot, teaching them skills and techniques to supercharge their team's performance and to prevent the developing of bad habits. We're here to hold their hands and turn them into great leaders from the start.

Perfect for Graduate Programmes

Do you have a Graduate Programme? This course is a perfect complement to it. Maximise the performance of your graduates by giving them essential leadership skills while they're learning the ropes of your business.

Course Content

We cover all the basics in ways that are easy to learn and implement.


We're so confident in our programmes that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Leadership Development Programme

If you have particular pricing requirements please contact us. We are happy to offer bulk discounts and custom pricing for in-house courses.

What's included

  • Course Sessions

  • 360° Assessment

  • 1-to-1 Coaching

  • Ongoing Support

Per Person

£1,500 + VAT


Sound Interesting?

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