Working 9 to 5

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Working 9 to 5

Julia Cook and Dan Woodman writing for The Conversation:

You may have noticed the 9-to-5 work day is disappearing. As our working lives become increasingly 24-7, our new research suggests there’s now an additional task to do in our families and friendships. We need to work harder than before to get our everyday schedules to sync up.

All around us we have amazing technology and communication gadgets, but instead of making things better, they often make things worse.

Our working hours leak out into our personal lives. The early morning starts get earlier, working late gets later and more frequent, and our weekends are encroached upon by thoughts of work if not work itself. Many of us can't even get a decent night's sleep without stressing about something at work.

These wonderful new communication gadgets rather than making us happier have the propensity to constantly make us depressed. They're free to interrupt us at any time. They provide instant access to unlimited social distraction and comparison.

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