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The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of One-On-Ones

In most organisations improving One-to-Ones can be the greatest leap forward you'll make for the productivity of your team

The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of One-On-Ones

One-to-Ones can be the greatest tool for managers but often they are only done once a year (if at all) and even then are done poorly. They are considered unnecessary bureaucracy, something to be got over with as quickly as possible by both parties.

Better structured, less formal and more frequent One-to-Ones will guarantee greater performance from your team. The exact structure will differ greatly depending on the organisation and the people involved. Spend some time putting thought into your One-to-Ones.

Among other things, by talking through how to improve my focus, I quickly got 50% more productive time (and that’s just the things that were easy to measure).

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