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Put Down The Self-Help Books. Resilience Is Not A Diy Endeavour

We gain back the weight that we lost. Our next relationship is just as bad as the one we left. Our attitudes improve, but the boss is still a jerk.

Put Down The Self-Help Books. Resilience Is Not A Diy Endeavour

A long read to make a fairly simple point.

Success in any endeavour relies on a mix of things: our environment, our attitude, our skills, our knowledge and our actions. And probably many others. If any one fails then we will fail. You can't just read a book and expect something to happen, you have to take action, you have to have the right skills and attitude, and you have to be in an environment where what you're trying to achieve is not impossible.

Which is why we run courses (to provide support, accountability and develop skills) not simply write books.

Mr. Sampson has more courage than I ever will, but saying, as he did, that he got up that mountain by rewiring his brain is like saying that the aeroplane I took to Australia got me there on its own, when in reality it needed a worldwide network of airports, satellites, government treaties, integrated businesses and the many professionals who design and build planes and who train to be pilots.

No amount of personal development is going to help you succeed if your employer offers no support. As long as mountains of memos and paperwork accumulate, unrealistic deadlines are imposed, projects are understaffed, jobs are insecure, facilities are poorly maintained and administrators are incompetent, workers will burn out and fail, whatever their individual beliefs or behaviours.

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