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Mindfulness Reduces Procrastination

Mindfulness promotes awareness, it can encourage people to focus, instead of giving in to distractions.

Mindfulness Reduces Procrastination

I was surprised to find an entire site dedicated to procrastination. According to a study increased mindfulness can reduce procrastination. But it doesn't stop there!

Increased mindfulness predicts lower levels of procrastination. But also, increased procrastination predicts lower levels of mindfulness. This bidirectional relationship suggests that, a negative cycle could occur, where reduced levels of mindfulness could lead to increased levels of procrastination, which in turn could further reduce the tendency to be mindful, and so on.

Interesting that this could either produce a positive or negative feedback loop. Important to keep in mind for our team and in our organisations. Anything we can do to encourage more mindfulness will have a flywheel effect on productivity.

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