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Lazy Leadership

Why I rarely go to the office, only see my team a couple times a week, and let other people make important decisions.

Lazy Leadership

Andrew Wilkinson talks about his approach to leading his business. It's important that we do things in a way that suits us while making sure we're not just taking the easy approach because it's easy.

A couple years ago, I thought my laziness was my achilles heel. I watched as my entrepreneurial friends pushed boulders up hills and worked themselves into the ground, while I just hired people to do the stuff I hated. I felt guilty about it. It felt like cheating. But over the years, I’ve realized that my so-called laziness is actually a huge advantage.

Lazy Leadership isn’t about sitting in a hammock all day or working a Four Hour Work Week from Costa Rica, it’s about taking a step back, leaning on your team, and becoming an observer instead of an active participant in your business.

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