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Jeff Bezos Nuggets

What we can all learn from doing perfect handstands

Jeff Bezos Nuggets

I confidently predict this will be the first and last time we have a document from the Securities and Exchange Commission featured in The Leader’s Digest.

This is a shareholders letter written by Jeff Bezos which has a lot of great points in it about (among other things) getting a coach, banning PowerPoint, perfect handstands, how long it takes to get good at something, plus much more. Well worth a read.

A close friend recently decided to learn to do a perfect free-standing handstand. She started by taking a handstand workshop at her yoga studio. She then practiced for a while but wasn’t getting the results she wanted. So, she hired a handstand coach. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but evidently this is an actual thing that exists. In the very first lesson, the coach gave her some wonderful advice. “Most people,” he said, “think that if they work hard, they should be able to master a handstand in about two weeks. The reality is that it takes about six months of daily practice. If you think you should be able to do it in two weeks, you’re just going to end up quitting.” Unrealistic beliefs on scope – often hidden and undiscussed – kill high standards. To achieve high standards yourself or as part of a team, you need to form and proactively communicate realistic beliefs about how hard something is going to be – something this coach understood well.

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