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Understanding Leadership

… and (more importantly) putting it into practice

Businesses Need Great Leaders

Don't take our word for it, here's the Harvard Business Review:

Every company needs transformational leaders - those who spearhead changes, that elevate profitability, expand market share, and change the rules of the game in their industry. But few executives understand the unique strengths needed to become such a leader. Result? They miss the opportunity to develop those strengths. They and their firms lose out.

Harvard Business Review

Benefits of Leadership

How is better leadership linked to business success?

Here are just some of the common benefits. As an experienced executive you'll easily see the impact any one of these can have on a business's results.

  • Motivation

    Motivated employees accomplish more at higher levels of quality. Inspire people to stretch themselves rather than deliver the minimum acceptable.

  • Confidence

    People don't avoid difficult decisions and conversations that are vital to a business's success, they aren't afraid to be creative and pursue more innovative strategies.

  • Enthusiasm

    Attitudes spread like viruses and infect everyone, not just your people but your customers, your suppliers and your partners. Make sure you're spreading a positive one.

  • Engagement

    Good leaders get people invested in the goals of the business rather than just clocking in and clocking out.

  • High Performing Teams

    Great leaders build and motivate great teams.

  • Culture

    Your culture makes it clear what behaviours are expected of people and which are unacceptable.

  • Communication

    More persuasive presentations, win bigger and better pitches, convince investors, negotiate better agreements, resolve conflict and keep clear of costly miscommunications.

  • Resilience

    Businesses with good leadership and culture perform better under pressure and are more resilient in tough economic or political environments.

  • Retention

    People don't leave jobs, they leave managers. People are loyal to organisations where they are well treated, even when times are tough.

  • Stronger Relationships

    Develop deeper and more trusting relationships with clients, suppliers and partners.

  • Better Decision Making

    Confident people communicating well make far better and faster decisions.

  • Productivity

    All this ultimately leads to bigger, better, faster results for the business because you're leaner, more effective and more competitive.

How much dormant productivity is in your company right now?

What could you achieve if everyone you already had were firing on all cylinders every day?

For You or Your Team

Whether you want to improve your own leadership skills or others in your business this seminar is for you.

This seminar covers both. You'll leave with a simple set of things you can do to immediately improve your (or your team's) leadership.

For You

People who attend take home skills they can use immediately to become a better leader.

For Your Team

If you need to improve leadership skills across your organisation then this seminar will give you the tools you need to begin right away.

Team Leadership Training
Louise Daly, Commercial Manager, CGC Event Caterers

a whole new level

Quarterdeck works. I pride myself on my ability to communicate well at all levels but it's taken my skills to a whole new level! There are plenty of useful nuggets for you to take away, all applicable and relevant. I left the workshop feeling energised, animated and empowered.

Why Attend this Seminar?

People usually fall into one of two groups.

Understanding Leadership

If you need to learn what leadership actually is. Maybe you don't know where to start or find concepts confusing.

Putting it into Practice

Maybe you've read all the books but have trouble doing it every day.

Live Dates

If you want to attend our in-person training here are our upcoming events.

Seminar Agenda

How to be a better leader

  • What is the difference between management and leadership?

    We'll explain it. Developing your leadership skills will simultaneously improve your management skills.

  • Leaders: why are only 16 out of 100 Inspirational?

    Surveys tell us that an overwhelming 84% of leaders are considered un-inspirational. Learn what makes the difference.

  • Understand how to motivate others and ourselves

    We must be motivated ourselves if we wish to motivate others. Learn how to motivate your team. How to get everyone on the same page pulling in the same direction.

  • Why our work/life balance cannot be controlled to the satisfaction of our loved ones

    We go home after a difficult day at the office and take it out on our nearest and dearest and we believe that is acceptable. This seminar explains why it is not. How to achieve the results you want without sacrificing your personal life. Help you find out how you can achieve a better work life balance. Learn how it is critical to business success.

  • Why most people don’t bother

    It’s easy to make immediate improvements in your leadership style, get real results, and increase your profits. But why do many people not bother? This seminar will tell you why and show you how you can be different.

  • Why most leadership training is a waste of time

    We will explain how billions of pounds spent on management training programmes worldwide is totally wasted. This is one of the reasons that this seminar is free of charge.

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